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In our farm you keep on smiling! 

We hire 25-35 seasonal workers every year for periods from 4 weeks to 2 months. We need workers for planting, weeding, picking and for other works in the farm. We expect our workers to be hardworking and honest, to be able to work outside in any weather and to be in good health. We are also interested, if you are able to work with tractor in the fields and do small maintenance and fixing work with machines and buildings. 

In harvesting work we use piece rate. If you are hardworking, you can earn good money! Other terms of employment are determined in collective agreement.

Seasonal workers can live in our farm in cozy 2-6 persons rooms. Kitchen, toilets and showers are common to all. Free WiFi and washing machine are in free use and we also have a car for going to the market. In your free time you can for example enjoy beautiful Finnish nature by walking, riding a bike or rowing a boat. 

Read here, what does our seasonal workers think of their work and life in our farm. 

At the moment we are looking for seasonal workers for season 2021! Likely the COVID19 -situation will affect to our lives during the spring and summer too. To avoid lots of changes, we wish our applicants to leave application for seasonal work certificate in good time, get ready for little higher travelling costs than usually and be prepared for quarantines on the way to Finland and back.

Leave your application by filling a form under. Your application is valid until 31.5.2021. We contact all applicants before that. If you need more information, please send e-mail! 

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We understand best English, but you can also write in Russian.