Welcome to Marjakatrilli's website

The sweetest strawberrries come from the middle of  the Finnish nature! 

Our farm is located in Suonenjoki in the middle of the Finland. Suonenjoki is famous from our strawberries and every year we get few thousands of foreign seasonal workers to our town. 

We grow strawberries covering an area of four hectares. We have three different varieties. During season 2023 we are going to increase our business to tabletop growing in tunnels.

 From our farm strawberries go through Pakkasmarja Oy to market places and groceries all over Finland.  You can find Pakkasmarja's products also from market's freezers! 

If you are interested in working in our farm, see the page "apply for work". 

Our values are: 

Strawberries with high quality

Environment and nature

Responsible employability

Future of Finnish countryside