Our story

How we became farmers?

In 1930's Kati-Maria's grandfather, his parents and uncle bought this farm and moved here to start a better life. They started to raise cattle and grow grain and hay to feed them. As a little girl Kati-Maria have been playing in the same forests and fields than our children play now. Our family's story in Eerikkala has been going on for almost 90 years.

Over the decades our farm has seen many generations and given living for many families. We wanted too to do our best for this farm and our family's tradition here. The idea of strawberry farming came to our mind in one of the coldest and darkest days of the winter 2014. Two years later Marjakatrilli's first strawberries were packed and sold.

Over the years, we have been wondering, asking thousands of questions, tried out different styles and searched information from Internet. We have laughed and cried, but all the time have felt pride about what we are doing.

Everyday life in our farm is run by Kati-Maria, while Jesse works outside the farm. Even that we solve the toughest situations and make the biggest plans together.

Kati-Maria and Jesse Snäkin